Crypto Banking

When operating in the cryptocurrency industry, banking will almost certainly be one of the biggest challenges you will face. Xace brings knowledge and digital bank accounts to the space.

Overcoming crypto banking challenges

Crypto is revolutionising the payments industry by removing the middleman and enabling peer to peer payments more efficiently now than ever before. This comes with increasing scrutiny from the traditional world of finance, who are yet to fully understand the technologies or threats to their own control over global finance. Xace explore the details of crypto banking, where payments moving from crypto to fiat are becoming some of the most complex payments in the world. Compliance remains the biggest hurdle but with the right account, like a Xace crypto account, things need not be so problematic.

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Banking Crypto & Alternative Payments

Gaming Digital Bank Accounts

Xace™ provide FCA licenced Gambling and iGaming Business Accounts and Personal Accounts for payouts and withdrawals industry wide.

Blockchain Digital Accounts

Xace™ provide FCA licenced digital bank accounts for Blockchain businesses, simplifying compliance and removing barriers to banking.

Ecommerce Digital Account

Xace™ provide FCA licenced Accounts, perfect for ecommerce sites, enabling payments and refunds via payment gateways and merchant accounts.

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Our entire platform has been build to give our customers a wide range of payment options, across a wide range of sectors.
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We have a dedicated FAQ section, full resources section, and, if that doesn’t answer your question our support team are on hand to help.
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