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Help your customers and contacts by partnering with Xace for a gambling friendly alternative to traditional banking

Who are Xace Partners?

Here at Xace we know one key to success is ensuring our market leading is utilised to its fullest is by building partnerships that benefit our customers.

More than sales, there are many benefits of being a Xace Partner, such as gaining access to a truly gambling friendly payment system, speedy & industry knowledgeable onboarding process and instant settlement of funds between customers.

Everyone is different - we build bespoke partnership deals

With that in mind Xace are open to Payment Institutions, Card Processors, FX Companies, Software Providers and much more.

If you have customers you feel could benefit from a Xace account we would love to hear from you.

Maybe you do not accept gambling related customers but would like to serve them? Maybe you do not currently operate in Europe? Maybe you want to enhance the range of payment options you currently have?

If so, speak to us to discuss further.

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Will Xace Customers benefit from your product or service?

We know the gaming industry has a wide range of unique requirements, from service providers to payment processors.

Xace is uniquely positioned to integrate products and services to assist our customers, whether as an integration to the Xace platform or by making introductions.

Companies in the sectors of card processing, invoice and payment options, open banking and more currently partner with Xace.

Whats more the Xace Advisory Board is a well respected cross section of the gaming, payments and banking sectors, all sharing our ethos of breaking barriers in gambling payments.

At Xace we like to keep on top of the gaming industry payment needs, building partnerships that benefit our customers, partners and the wider gaming industry.

Xace – your gaming payment facilitator

 Xace is proud to support the iGaming industry with our gaming-friendly accounts which allow individual gamers and businesses to place bets and gamble more easily. Read about Xace’s gaming account features.

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For questions relating to active accounts, please log in and access the messaging centre, available 24/7.

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