Open Banking

Utilise Xace Open Banking to send, receive, monitor or share financial information via our secure API's

Open Banking

Xace Open Banking solution allows you to say goodbye to the constraints of traditional banking and welcome a new era of streamlined financial management.

With Xace, managing your accounts, initiating payments, and exploring tailored financial products has never been more seamless. No more manual information sharing or lengthy processes. Xace's innovative platform allows you to effortlessly connect with a wide range of cutting-edge financial services that are tailored to meet your business needs. Experience the convenience of a unified ecosystem that simplifies and streamlines your financial operations.

One of the most remarkable features of Xace's Open Banking solutions is payment initiation. Imagine providing your customers with a friction less payment experience, where they can make transfers or payments without ever leaving their current environment.

Xace's platform makes this vision a reality. By seamlessly connecting to their banks and authorising transactions, your customers can enjoy a seamless and hassle-free payment process, elevating their satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.

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Open Banking and Responsible Gaming

There is no denying that irresponsible gaming can have severe consequences on your customers’ financial wellbeing. What if you could build a tool to help them assess their affordability before they even begin to play?

Access to your clients financial data can help them make informed decisions on whether they should continue to play and whether they should be at the table in the first place. Get in touch with Xace to discuss how our products can help you become a Champion for Responsible Gaming.

At Xace we like to keep on top of the gaming industry payment needs, building partnerships that benefit our customers, partners and the wider gaming industry.

Xace, where you can get everything you need.

 Xace is proud to support the iGaming industry with our gaming-friendly accounts which allow individual gamers and businesses to place bets and gamble more easily. Read about Xace’s gaming account features.

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