Adaptation and Innovation in iGaming 2024 with KYZEN

Carl DeGiorgio, CEO from KYZEN, an iGaming services provider across customer support, payments and fraud protections with extensive expertise in the industry.

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January 18, 2024
5 mins

We have recently announced a new series of interviews bringing a spotlight to the innovators of the iGaming industry and assisting in our exploration of the iGaming trends for 2024. Each interview covers a specific topic across Q1 of 2024 and this first one has nailed the AI and machine learning innovation highlighted in last weeks poll for 2024 trends.

For our first interview we have partnered with TalentBet Recruitment to welcome Carl DeGiorgio, CEO from KYZEN, an iGaming services provider across customer support, payments and fraud protections with extensive expertise and experience in the industry.

In a rapidly evolving industry like iGaming, staying ahead is crucial. Can you share some specific strategies your company has employed to adapt to changing market dynamics and technological advancements over the past year?

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change” (Charles Darwin). With that in mind - our strategy is to be bold and embrace change.

Specific examples include:

Technology Integration: Embracing the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to enhance user experiences, optimize operations, and improve security measures.

Mobile Optimization: With the increasing use of mobile devices, ensuring that our partners utilize a platform that is optimized for mobile users.

Data Analytics and Personalization: Utilizing data analytics to gather insights into user behavior, preferences, and trends. Implementing personalized experiences to enhance user satisfaction.

Customer Feedback and Support: Actively seeking and listening to customer feedback. Using this information to make improvements to our platform, address concerns, and enhance customer support services.

Employee Training and Development: Investing in continuous training for employees to keep them informed about industry developments, technologies, and best practices. A knowledgeable and adaptable workforce is a valuable asset.

Partnerships and Collaborations: Forging strategic partnerships with other companies, technology providers, and even competitors to leverage synergies, share resources, and stay on top of industry trends.

Innovation often comes from understanding customer needs. How does your company actively seek and incorporate player feedback to enhance gaming experiences and stay in tune with evolving preferences?

Decisions are as good as the data they are based on, so accuracy is crucial. Representing gaming operators is key, yet at the same time is also the voice of their customers. We have the advantage of receiving raw feedback from customers, and it is our duty to collect, organize, analyze and present the data into meaningful information that operators can act upon in a timely manner to improve and gain a competitive advantage.

Seeking to incorporate raw feedback through multiple channels including surveys, feedback forms, community forums, social media and analytics – and whilst utilising human intervention, you should not solely rely on it for the purpose of speed, efficiency and accuracy purposes. Soughting help with the above is wise.

Being at the forefront of the iGaming sector requires continuous innovation. What recent technological advancements has your company embraced to ensure a seamless gaming platform for users?

AI & ML should be at the heart of customer service and fraud prevention strategies. By leveraging these technologies, you can provide instant, personalized support to users across different platforms, ensuring consistent and high-quality customer service.

Cloud based infrastructures also ensure that our solutions are not only consistent across different devices but capable of handling high volumes of transactions and user interactions without compromising performance or security.

By focusing on these technologies, you enable iGaming companies to provide their customers with a consistent, safe, and enjoyable gaming experience, regardless of the device used.

The iGaming industry is known for its dynamic regulatory landscape. How does your company navigate and adapt to evolving regulations while maintaining a focus on innovation and user experience?

As a B2B service provider, understanding the importance of both the evolving regulatory landscape and the risks it poses to our clients if not dealt with appropriately, as well as the negative experience and increasing churn if not done right.  

Therefore, as an analogy, experts at KYZEN are specially trained in a manner similar to feeding our younger demographic vegetables (keeping them healthy) yet making it as much of an enjoyable experience as eating chocolate (and entertained). Some examples include:

  • Using wording that customers can understand, avoiding regulatory and legal jargon
  • Explaining the intent behind certain actions being taken
  • Putting customers at ease that their information is safe and secure
  • Making it as easy as possible for customers to provide the required information
  • Rewarding them (where possible) for their cooperation

Collaboration is key to innovation. Can you share any successful partnerships or collaborations your company has undertaken to bring new-and-improved features or services to the iGaming market?

The most recent fruitful collaborations we have entered are with Freshdesk and Klaus. Both companies operate in the space of AI and ML.

Freshdesk has built and continues to refine a virtual agent powered by Freddy AI. Virtual agents are powered with artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep neural networks, and natural language understanding, and are thus capable of mimicking a human customer service agent. This technology enables a virtual agent to continuously learn from conversations, and provide responses that are attuned to customers’ language. Virtual agents are also capable of understanding customer intent, providing personalized and accurate solutions, and troubleshooting customer issues.

Klaus on the other hand is utilized through an in-built integration with Freshdesk, primarily for the purpose of Quality Assessment. It automatically scores and analyzes 100% of our agents’ conversations and is of great assistance to our team leads when carrying out agent reviews as part of our excellence program.

With the rise of mobile gaming, how has your company approached the challenge of providing an immersive gaming experience on different devices, and what steps have you taken to optimize for mobile users.

Although striving to provide a consistent high level of service to customers irrespective of the device being used, as mobile adoption continues to grow, our focus has shifted towards adopting a mobile first approach. Some of the steps we have taken to ensure such importance is being given, is by working with partners who:

Focus on creating adaptive designs and UIs that cater to the diverse screen sizes and resolutions of mobile devices

Optimize their software to run smoothly on a variety of devices by tweaking graphics settings and other performance-related aspects

Adopt a cross-platform approach, allowing users to seamlessly transition between different devices without losing progress.

Innovation extends beyond technology to marketing strategies. Could you share some creative and effective marketing initiatives your company has undertaken to stand out in a crowded iGaming landscape?

While word of mouth remains the most effective marketing strategy out there, other innovative marketing strategies that should be embraced include:

Gamification of marketing campaigns - implementing gamified elements in marketing campaigns, such as interactive quizzes, challenges, or competitions, can engage users and make the promotional content more enjoyable.

Personalized marketing - utilizing data analytics to understand user behavior allows for personalized marketing strategies. Tailoring promotions, offers, and recommendations based on individual preferences can significantly increase user engagement.

Social media challenges - creating challenges on social media platforms encourages user participation and can generate viral trends. Engaging the community in this way can help build brand awareness and loyalty.

In the near future, what emerging trends do you see shaping the world of iGaming, and how is your company preparing to integrate these trends to maintain its position as a leader in the industry?

The emerging trends we see shaping the world of iGaming in the not-so-distant future are as follows:

Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning will continue playing a significant role in iGaming, contributing to personalized gaming experiences, fraud detection, and customer support, just to name a few.

Social gaming will continue to grow so we want to continue exploring how to best embed our services into that area.

Blockchain technology, particularly in the form of cryptocurrencies, will continue increasing its adoption despite continuous governmental and regulatory challenges.

iGaming companies are expected to increase their focus on mobile phone dominance by optimizing their platforms for mobile devices and incorporating features that enhance the mobile gaming experience.

Virtual and Augmented Reality, although still in its infancy in the iGaming world, will also continue gaining traction. At KYZEN, we will keep monitoring this space and can’t wait for our agents to start assisting customers in the virtual world.

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