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Xace™ provide FCA licenced Gambling and Gaming Business Accounts, plus Personal Accounts.

Gaming friendly accounts, without barriers to managing your finances

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Why Xace gaming accounts?

Instant switching between separate accounts to keep your business or current account organised
Manage unlimited accounts
Push notifications
Spending alerts
Manage unlimited accounts
Push notifications
Spending alerts

Make payments, create direct debits & beneficiaries

  • Setup gaming related direct debits

  • Download pre-configured transactions & statements

  • Select & pay chosen beneficiaries

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Manage GBP or EUR from gambling sources with a Xace account

We realise that opening a gambling bank account for an online casino, betting site, or business associated with gambling can be difficult. Additionally, individuals who wish to receive their winnings from gambling sites can face problems with keeping their account open.

Xace was setup and licenced by the FCA in the UK, to be gambling friendly – removing banking barriers that currently exist in the gaming industry.

Xace’s compliance team review a wide range of gambling related businesses daily. We understand the complexities involved and ask specific, tailored questions to assist with on boarding. We pride ourselves on a professional and prompt on boarding process.

Xace is an FCA licenced payment institution,tailored towards Gambling. As with all our accounts, 100% of your funds are safeguarded with either the Bank of England or an EU Bank.

Xace provide gambling accounts in the customer’s name. We do not provide only digital/online wallets.
Multiple currencies
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Multiple payment options
Uk Faster payments

Why Xace gaming accounts?

UK licensed, a worldwide presence, Xace brings a new world of account options.
  • Gambling Friendly to Licenced / Regulated Casinos
  • Licenced by the FCA (UK)
  • UK based support
  • IBAN and UK Accounts
  • UK Faster Payment and SEPA Networks
  • Virtual Debit Cards (for online purchases)

Xace accepts payments from major gaming payment processors

Receiving funds from gambling payment processors into your bank account is currently a headache for many online gaming providers, including sales that may come in crypto such as BTC or ETH. Your Xace account will enable these transactions from industry payment gateways.

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Personal Accounts

Receiving winnings from gambling sites has never been easier. We process countless personal banking transactions relating to gambling on a daily basis. We can also issue a virtual debit card, making deposits and withdrawals seamless.

Business Accounts

Xace staff have many years’ experience across the gambling industry covering online casinos, betting sites, sports books, poker, gaming software developers and payment gateways. We are licenced to accept a wide range of businesses in the gaming sector.

Account & Transaction Fees

Our fee structure depends on the volume and number of transactions processed through the account. Once an initial on boarding process has been completed, an on boarding manager will confirm the exact fee schedule.

Monthly Fee
Personal Account
No joining fee & £25 per account
Business Account
From £500 joining fee & £150 a month per account
Transaction Fees
Personal Account
From 0.1%
Business Account
From 0.1%

Am I eligible for a gambling account?

Xace are gambling friendly - we accept only licenced online gaming websites, casinos and gaming site players with suitable AML & KYC compliance in place. If you wish to discuss your specific eligibility, please contact our support team who will be happy to help.

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Gaming banking FAQs

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