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Our business accounts provide all the tools needed to run your company finances, no matter your industry.

Manage your finances across GBP and EUR accounts

Xace accounts were developed for the cutting edge world of new technology, making banking simple, yet full of business friendly features.

We have speedy and hassle-free online onboarding, quick processing of payments including sending money internationally and developer-friendly api’s.

The easy to navigate Xace platform is currently used by businesses across Europe, with the enhanced feature of having virtual debit cards in the name of the company. 

As a Financial Institution licenced by the FCA in the UK, 100% of the funds held with Xace are safeguarded.

Our named IBANs ensure your account is yours, while your clients and beneficiaries always see payments to and from your company.
Multiple currencies

Xace are one of the UK’s fastest growing challenger banks. Digital banking has opened up a wide range of business banking opportunities, with Xace pushing boundaries with industries, account features and customer support in the UK and across Europe.

Business customers can benefit from a top tier account management team, who will support you every step of the way, from payments, to statements, to currencies, to fees.

Multiple payment options
Virtual debit
Uk Faster payments

Business Account Features

FCA UK licensed, a worldwide presence, Xace brings a new world of account options.
  • Digital currency friendly
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • European IBAN and UK Accounts
  • Outgoing payments to multiple currencies
  • Speedy settlement of payments
  • Virtual Debit Cards
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Accounts to suit your business

Corporate Accounts

A Xace corporate account is full of business features for incorporated companies and legal entities.

Suitable for companies who:

  • are incorporated in Europe, or international companies with a subsidiary in Europe
  • businesses who want an account in their companies name (named IBAN)
  • companies in traditional and emerging markets

Freelance Accounts

A freelancer and contractor friendly Xace account comes with a full suite of business banking options.

Suitable for freelancers who:

  • live in Europe
  • work for multiple businesses
  • receive money as an individual, either as an invoice payment or via payroll

Sole Traders

Xace provide business accounts that are ideal for Sole Traders and Self Employed business people across Europe.

Suitable for self employed who:

  • work for yourself
  • do not have a corporate entity, such as a limited company
  • wish for your bank statement to show your business name (not your personal name)

Virtual Debit Cards

Xace Virtual Debit Cards. Perfect for online purchases, both one off or ongoing, employee cost tracking and speedy issuance.

The Xace Virtual Debit Card is just one of the account features to help make personal and business banking easier.  Connected directly to your bank account in the same way a traditional bank debit card would work, Xace Virtual Debit Cards are an ideal add-on.

Issue new cards at the click of a button, cancel and renew whenever you wish, pay in GBP and EUR, issue to staff remotely - all from within the Xace application. 

All Xace accounts have the option to obtain a Virtual Debit Card, whether tech, development,  esports, crypto or gaming related.

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Online business banking

Instant switching between seperate accounts to keep your business organised
Manage unlimited accounts
Push notifications
Spending alerts
Different currency accounts

Specialist Business Features

Running your business will require more than just a simple business account. Our features are growing all the time to provide you with friction-less tools you need for day to day business banking.
FX Accounts for over 28 currencies

Xace customers can hold funds in GBP and EUR, both linked to 1 Xace log in. Perfect for receiving funds from payment processors, or sending sales invoices with 2 payment options. Split and hold your business funds in both GBP and EUR, and settle outgoing payments to many other currencies via our FX desk and providers.

Clear and Transparent Cost Tracking

Employee’s or business divisions can be issued their own virtual debit cards, helping you monitor spending, keeping costs transparent. Each card can be issued immediately and linked to a Xace account of your choice, both GBP and EUR, and cancelled instantly. Individual reports can be downloaded per virtual debit card.

Sub Accounts, per Sector or Department

Hold multiple accounts, split by different business divisions. Remote teams can have their own bank account, each project can be costed independently of others, multiple sales channels can be paid to a different account of your choice.

Savings account

Save money separate to your ongoing day to day operational funds, with restrictions on access and payments. Business savings accounts are more popular than ever with continued social, environmental and technological risks to global businesses.

Accountant Friendly

Simple and quick transaction search, download statements based on preset or user defined dates, pdf and excel versions available to upload into accounting software, making life a little easier for you and your accountant.

Managed Accounts

Xace provide dedicated account managers to qualifying accounts for the day to day account management you may require. Allow us to provide end to end bank account solutions without the need for your organisation to lift a finger.

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Niche Markets & Industries

Xace provides digital bank accounts to markets that are under served by high street banks and providers. Our accounts enable businesses and individuals to break through traditional compliance barriers.
Bitcoin Digital Bank Account

Business and personal accounts accepting payments to and from Bitcoin sources including exchanges, brokers and DeFi.

Esports Digital Bank Accounts

Xace provide digital bank accounts for Esports players, fans, teams and competitions alike to handle winnings and industry wide payments.

Ecommerce Digital Account

Xace™ provide FCA licenced Accounts, perfect for ecommerce sites, enabling payments and refunds via 3rd party payment gateways and merchant accounts.

Crypto Digital Bank Accounts

Crypto digital bank accounts enabling the direct transfer of your cryptocurrency related funds, including both Business and Current accounts.

Blockchain Digital Accounts

Xace™ provide FCA licenced digital bank accounts for Blockchain businesses, simplifying compliance and removing barriers to banking.

Gaming Digital Bank Accounts

Xace™ provide FCA licenced Gambling and iGaming Business Accounts and Personal Accounts for payouts and withdrawals industry wide.

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