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We are a drop-shipping company, can we open an account with Xace?

Yes, Xace review your polices, for example your returns policy, and understand who your suppliers are – the same checks as the payment processors – in order to open your account.

Can I pay in UK cheques?

Unfortunately, Xace cannot accept cheques at this time.

Can I download my Xace statements?

Yes, Xace statements can downloaded via csv file (excel) and pdf.

Can I access my Xace account from my phone?

Yes, Xace's web application is fully responsive and optimised for mobile devices.

Is my money safe with Xace?

Absolutely. We never take risks with your money. Unlike traditional banks, Xace do not loan or invest your funds to generate extra income. Every penny/cent our customers place into Xace accounts is 100% safeguarded and segregated. This means your money remains yours - at all times, separate from other customers and Xace operational accounts. We take our responsibilities very seriously, both to the FCA and our customers. You can find out more about safeguarding of funds here.

Is Xace a bank?

No, nor did we set out to be a traditional high street bank! Xace is a Financial Institution, which means although we do not offer you loans or credit, we can offer all the other functionality of a standard bank account. We think a FCA licence for a Financial Institution is perfect for the modern banking era, find out more here.

Can I have multiple accounts / multiple currencies with Xace under the same log in?

Yes, Xace offer a multi-account function. This is particularly useful for businesses with multiple divisions, or for individuals looking to manage their finances. Currently you can open multiple accounts in GBP and/or EUR, with FX services for international payments.

Can I open a business account with Xace?

Yes, Xace are happy to accept business applications, with our accounts packed with user-friendly business features. Xace accounts are perfect for corporations, sole traders, freelancers and those self employed.

Can I open a personal account with Xace?

Yes, Xace offer personal accounts to individuals living in the UK and European Economic Area.

What currencies do Xace offer?

Xace core account currencies are EUR and GBP - meaning you can hold money in either, or both, of these currencies. Plus, we have FX services for people or businesses wishing to transact internationally.

What payment methods do you offer?

With Xace you can send payments via UK Faster Payments or SEPA.

How long does it take to open an account with Xace?

50% of complete applications are opened the very day you apply! Almost all applications are reviewed within 2 business days. Even in cases where the application is complex, your Onboarding Manager will keep you fully informed of the progress.

Who can I speak to about my Xace application?

Each application is designated to a Onboarding Manager who will review the application and keep you fully informed of the progress. The Onboarding Manager will contact you if they need further information.

How do I open an account with Xace?

Visit any of our Apply links and you will be directed to our onboarding section. From here you can fill in the relevant details we need to assess your application.

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