Malta Digital Bank Accounts

Xace have developed accounts for Malta, supporting it's hub of emerging industries, including gaming, cryptocurrencies and Esports.

Malta based casinos, blockchain tech companies, Esports teams, influencers and even development agencies can all struggle with suitable banking solutions - something Xace is here to change.

Challenges in Malta with banks and payment accounts led directly to Xace developing the solutions companies need in order to do business the way the need.

Compliance is important, particularly where crypto and gaming are concerned, and Xace is tailored to handle the type of compliance required for licensed brands without the barriers faced within the Malta banking system.

If we can help licensed businesses operating out of Malta to access the EUR and GBP accounts that they need, then we know we're directly supporting the industries we care most about.
Removing barriers of banking in Malta

We don't need to be in Malta to offer GBP and EUR accounts that you need. Our payments are made via UK Faster Payments and SEPA to ensure affordable and quick transactions for all our customers, even those rejected or stuck with solutions on offer within Malta.

Multiple payment options
Virtual debit
Uk Faster payments

Alternative to Malta Banks

FCA UK licensed, a worldwide presence, Xace brings a new world of account options.
  • Digital currency friendly
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • European IBAN and UK Accounts
  • Outgoing payments to multiple currencies
  • Speedy settlement of payments
  • Virtual Debit Cards
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Virtual Debit Cards

Virtual debit cards for users based in Malta are no longer....

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Emerging Markets in Malta

Malta is now seen as a welcome hub for emerging industries across Europe, with major crypto and gaming brands flocking to the island to enjoy the regulatory benefits of the country. But with the banking sector still cold on many such companies, Xace as developed the solutions you need.
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Business Banking Malta

Instant switching between seperate accounts to keep your business organised
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Different currency accounts

Featured Malta article

Nov 3, 2020
2 min read

Malta's cryptocurrency vs banking paradox

Despite gaining the epithet ‘Bitcoin island’, many firms have been surprised to discover that Maltese banks are far from friendly towards crypto activity.



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Understanding how Xace helps you in Malta

We explore some basic Malta FAQs to help support you on your search for banking, account and payment solutions.
Should I open an offshore bank account for playing poker?

Should I open an offshore bank account for playing poker?

Where are the most poker friendly countries?

Where are the most poker friendly countries?

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Our entire platform has been built to give our customers a wide range of payment options, across a wide range of sectors.
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