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Xace provide EUR and GBP personal and business accounts, virtual debit cards and fast onboarding, to residents, expats and companies all over Malta.

Multiple account options for Malta

Malta, with its population of just over half a million people, warm temperatures and stunning scenery is a hub of activity. The country is dynamic and forward thinking, building on the existing popular industries such as tourism and electronics, whilst engaging emerging industries such as gaming and esports. Despite the relative small number of people, 10's of thousands of businesses, and hundreds of thousands of people call Malta home.

It's no coincidence that Xace Europe's HQ is in Malta. Based from our offices in Zurrieq, south of Malta, we manage our EU customers payment requirements on a daily basis.

As such, we know the Maltese market as well as anyone, providing EUR (and GBP) accounts, virtual debit cards, a slick and user friendly online platform and fast onboarding.

In a time of change, Xace is well and truly open for business.

Xace provide accounts to a wide range of people and businesses with a speedy, no hassle onboarding process.
How to open a Malta account?

Our onboarding process is fast. A large amount of applications are processed within just 3 working days.

Simply apply to Open an Account today, fill in the application and provide the required documents. No unnecessary hassle.

Multiple payment options
Virtual debit
Uk Faster payments

Alternative to Malta Banks

Xace Europe brings a new world of account options for your Business
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    Fast and Efficient Onboarding (3 working days)
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • EUR IBAN's and UK Accounts
  • Virtual Debit Cards
  • Up to 5 sub-accounts
  • User-Friendly Platform
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Virtual Debit Cards

Make payments easier with a Visa Virtual Debit Card - accepted at a range of businesses worldwide on the Visa network. Our cards are linked to an EUR or GBP account of your choice, no need to top up prepaid cards. Available for both Malta personal and Malta business customers.

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Personal and Business IBANs

Xace accounts are connected to SEPA, enabling payments across Europe. We accept individual and business applications. See some of our popular customer sectors here.
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Account for Gambling Malta

Whether a licenced operator, or one of the thousands of supporting businesses, Xace Accounts are tailored to the Gambling sector.

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Digital & Marketing

We are happy to accept a range of online based businesses, marketing companies, digital media and more. Xace is digital friendly.

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Accounts for Esports

Xace bridge the gap between forward thinking and emerging industries such as esports and the payments world within them.

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Biz Dev Ltd
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Forward thinking account options

Instant switching between seperate accounts to keep your business organised
Manage unlimited accounts
Push notifications
Spending alerts
Different currency accounts
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Featured Malta article

October 22, 2020
5 mins

How did Malta become the world’s gaming capital?

A tiny island archipelago with a fifth of the surface area of London and half a million residents is home to 10% of the worlds gaming companies.



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Malta FAQs

We explore some basic Malta FAQs to help support you on your search for account and payment solutions.
Is Xace based in Malta?

Xace is a UK company, with a presence in Malta for our customers requiring our IBAN accounts there.

About us

Our entire platform has been built to give our customers a wide range of payment options, across a wide range of sectors.
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Have a question?

We have a dedicated FAQ section, full resources section, and, if that doesn’t answer your question our support team are on hand to help.
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For questions relating to active accounts, please log in and access the messaging centre, available 24/7.

Join Xace and simplify the way you manage your money for both business and personal accounts.

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