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Esports banking payments are increasing, with prize money, salaries and marketing requiring international settlement and FX, with an account that is friendly to the Esports industry.

Esports banking made easy

Esports is a booming industry with money flooding in from sponsors and advertisers, earning teams, players and intermediaries vast sums of money from across the globe. This has created new challenges where high street banks and challenger payment institutions are yet to fully understand such payments, leaving star players and globally renowned teams lacking in suitable banking solutions.

Esports friendly accounts

Xace offer specialist accounts created for esports players and teams, enabling transactions for salaries and prize money across GBP and EUR.

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Esports faces banking challenges much like growing industries crypto and gaming, with many going under served by high street finance. Xace provides specialist accounts not only in Esports but in the following niches. Sign up for your account today.
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Xace™ provide FCA licenced digital bank accounts for Blockchain businesses, simplifying compliance and removing barriers to banking.

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Esports Digital Bank Accounts

Xace provide digital bank accounts for Esports players, fans, teams and competitions alike to handle winnings and industry wide payments.

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