Esports Digital Bank Accounts

Xace provide digital bank accounts for Esports players, fans, teams and competitions alike to handle winnings and industry wide payments.

A specialist Esports friendly digital bank account, enabling your digital future

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Multiple Esports Accounts

Instant switching between separate accounts to keep your business or current account organised
Manage unlimited accounts
Push notifications
Spending alerts
Manage unlimited accounts
Push notifications
Spending alerts

Online payments, direct debits & beneficiaries

  • Handle any Esports direct debits

  • Manage any beneficiary

  • Create & download account statements

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Account management for GBP & EUR funds

We understand the Esports business sector and tailor our digital accounts accordingly. We have options in GBP and EUR aswell as virtual debit cards, perfect for playing or viewing tournaments online, receiving winnings or for day to day expenditure.

Xace™ have a large amount of experience in the Esports sector, providing accounts to the worlds biggest Esports stars.

Our onboarding team can guide you through the digital bank account opening process, with specific questions relating to the Esports industry.

Xace is an FCA licenced Financial Institution. Our Esports accounts are 100% safeguarded either in the UK with the Bank of England, or in the EU using the SEPA network, meaning your money is always safe with Xace.

All Xace accounts are in the customer’s own name, regulated, safe and secure.
Multiple currencies
Multiple payment options
Virtual debit
Uk Faster payments

Multiple Esports Accounts

UK licensed, a worldwide presence, Xace brings a new world of account options.
  • Esports Friendly Transactions
  • Licenced by the FCA (UK)
  • Esports experienced team
  • Account issuance of IBAN and UK Accounts
  • EUR or GBP (more currencies coming soon)
  • Virtual Debit Cards (for online purchases)

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Esports Current Account

Perfect for fans and gamers. Our personal digital accounts, both UK account or Euro IBAN, come with virtual debit cards making purchases seamless.

Esports Business Account

Xace work with a wide range of Esports businesses, providing quick payments and leading online banking to streamline your business banking experience.

Account & Transaction Fees

As a leading provider of Esports digital bank accounts, Xace have a competitive fee structure. Fees depend on the nature of the business and how you intend to use the account. Our fees are relative to the amount of activity and payment volume through the accounts.

Monthly Fee
Personal Account
No joining fee & £50 a month per account
Business Account
£POA joining fee & £250 a month per account
Transaction Fees
Personal Account
From 1%
Business Account
From 0.2%

Am I eligible for an Esports digital bank account?

Businesses registered in the EEA are acceptable, even if the Directors and Shareholders are not EEA residents.

We also accept applications from individuals who live in the EEA. To find our more please apply for our whitelist.

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Latest News

Gaming Digital Bank Accounts
Aug 26, 2020
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Xace becomes first FCA licensed specialist digital bank for the gaming industry

Xace has become the first specialist payment and account provider in Europe to offer FCA licensed solutions, specifically for the gaming and casino industry.
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Esports Banking FAQs

I have a remote team, can I pay them from my Xace account?

Xace accounts facilitate unlimited cross border payments daily. Making payments to remote teams is as easy as making a domestic payment.

Can we pay company subscriptions from a Xace account?

Yes, the account comes with a virtual debit card. This will allow you to pay all your business subscriptions like AWS, Google or other platforms.

I was paid in crypto for a competition I entered, can I accept this into my Xace account?

Yes - Xace accept crypto related payments from reputable brokers and exchanges, including payments via winnings and fees.

I set up an esports company in a different country to where I live, is this ok with Xace?

No problem. Xace have very few country restrictions on where you are located, so long as your company is based in Europe.

My team has players internationally - can I pay their salaries with a Xace account?

Yes, Xace operates globally, with international payments are permitted for salaries and other business expenditure. Please check with our customer support for the countries you wish to send to.

I'm a gamer, can I buy ingame items with a Xace account?

Xace Esports accounts come with virtual debit cards, allowing you to instantly purchase ingame items directly.

About us

Our entire platform has been built to give our customers a wide range of payment options, across a wide range of sectors.
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Have a question?

We have a dedicated FAQ section, full resources section, and, if that doesn’t answer your question our support team are on hand to help.
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For questions relating to active accounts, please log in and access the messaging centre, available 24/7.

Join Xace and simplify the way you manage your money for both business and personal accounts.

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