Bitcoin Digital Bank Account

Business and personal accounts accepting payments to and from Bitcoin sources including exchanges, brokers and DeFi.

A Bitcoin digital bank account, for those most active with the biggest digital currency.

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Multi Bitcoin Accounts

Instant switching between separate accounts to keep your business or current account organised
Manage unlimited accounts
Push notifications
Spending alerts
Manage unlimited accounts
Push notifications
Spending alerts

Bitcoin related beneficiaries & direct debits

  • Regular outbound BTC payments to DeFi brands or exchanges

  • Setup Bitcoin beneficiaries such as Brokers

  • Create and download statements for Bitcoin taxes

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GBP & EUR accounts to handle all your BTC transactions to and from fiat.

FCA Licenced Xace™ offers Business Accounts and Personal Accounts to those actively using Bitcoin and moving finances from BTC to fiat currencies such as GBP and EUR.

Bitcoin has created new challenges in finance alongside it's otherwise liberating capabilities. Traditional financial institutions are less likely to provide a Bitcoin bank account where compliance increases their risk of an asset class they are yet to fully understand.

As an SMI financial institution, Xace can provide Bitcoin accounts to those who are compliant. We're an experienced team in the Blockhain accounts and cryptocurrency accounts space, developing the financial tools to enable exchanges, brokers, traders and crypto startups to remain liquid between BTC and fiat currencies.

Even though your account funds may come from Bitcoin payments, all funds are safeguarded with the Bank of England or regulated EU Banks.

Xace accounts are the first to be this accessible to the Bitcoin industry, removing barriers for the new world of finance.

A Xace account is yours, in your name and your control, not like a digital wallet or a shared IBAN.
Multiple currencies
Multiple payment options
Virtual debit
Uk Faster payments

Multi Bitcoin Accounts

UK licensed, a worldwide presence, Xace brings a new world of account options.
  • Bitcoin Friendly Payments (in & out)
  • Licenced by the FCA (UK)
  • EUR or GBP (more currencies coming soon)
  • Buy BTC with a virtual debit card
  • Expert Bitcoin finance team
  • Virtual Debit Cards (for online purchases)

Make Bitcoin payments to exchanges & brokers

Although many exchanges and brokers enable the buying and trading of Bitcoin, as those payments increase in frequency and value, the risk increase for traditional banks and your account becomes at greater risk of being closed or restricted. Greater concerns arise on withdrawing fiat currencies like GBP or EUR that have originated from selling bitcoin on an exchange, where your money may be frozen.

With a Xace bitcoin account, your compliant business or personal account will not face the same restrictions, where our FCA licence is specifically tailored for Bitcoin transactions and those outside the scope of traditional finance institutions.

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Bitcoin Current Account

Even if you Hodl Bitcoin, the chances are you're going to want to sell to fiat at some point to realise gains or prevent loses, which requires a Bitcoin digital bank account to ensure your funds arrive quickly, securely and without restriction. A Xace personal account is perfect for all individuals active with BTC payments across crypto and fiat.

Business Bitcoin Bank Account

Your business can scale alongside Bitcoin without causing additional restrictions when it comes to banking Bitcoin related payments, such as delays, holds and even account restrictions, simply by being compliant with existing regulations. Requiring a Bitcoin friendly bank account shouldn't restrict your business and a Xace digital account provides exactly what you need.

Account & Transaction Fees

Xace's competitive fee structure makes our Bitcoin digital bank accessible to all, whether on a Personal or Business account level, ultimately your account usage will determine your fee.

Monthly Fee
Personal Account
No joining fee & £50 a month per account
Business Account
£POA joining fee & £250 a month per account
Transaction Fees
Personal Account
From 1%
Business Account
From 0.2%

Am I eligible for a Bitcoin account?

The above is not an exhaustive list. To check if your business, or you, are eligible, please apply for our whitelist.

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Aug 26, 2020
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Bitcoin Accounts FAQ

Is a Bitcoin account only for Bitcoin or can I receive funds from other currencies like ETH or XLM?

A Bitcoin account is not just limited to Bitcoin only payments. Our accounts can be used for whatever purpose they have been setup for. As long as Xace is aware of the reasons for your account transactions, we will not block or reject the use of the account.

Will Xace reject payments from my trading exchange?

All account holders must be complaint and have proof of source of funds. As long as you're an accepted Xace account holder, we will not reject payments from your chosen crypto exchange.

Can I use Bitcoin within my account?

A Xace account does not contain a Bitcoin wallet but it is a Bitcoin friendly account that will accept transactions and payments from crypto and Bitcoin sources.

About us

Our entire platform has been built to give our customers a wide range of payment options, across a wide range of sectors.
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Have a question?

We have a dedicated FAQ section, full resources section, and, if that doesn’t answer your question our support team are on hand to help.
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For questions relating to active accounts, please log in and access the messaging centre, available 24/7.

Join Xace and simplify the way you manage your money for both business and personal accounts.

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