Casino account for payments, brokerage and FX

With competitive fees, a gambling friendly ethos and a pre-vetted whitelist of crypto brokers, exchanges and payment processors, a Xace account puts you in complete control of your casino finances.

Jun 2, 2020
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Xace – Europe’s Fastest Growing Online Gaming Challenger Bank. 

With competitive fees, a gambling friendly ethos and a pre-vetted whitelist of crypto brokers, exchanges and payment processors, a Xace account puts you in complete control of your casino finances.

Connected Banking for Online Gaming

We provide accounts to a wide range of casinos, payment operators, service providers and customers, acting as a central point for a large part of the online gaming payment network.

Whether you accept fiat (eg. GBP, EUR, USD) or Cryptocurrency, Xace accounts are connected with many major payment processors, brokers and exchanges, often bringing instant settlement from our whitelist of providers.

Xace Gaming Account Benefits

Gambling Friendly

Xace are a licenced Financial Institution by the FCA in the UK. Crucially, we are licenced specially to work with a range of emerging industries including gambling and gaming. Our team understands the crypto and gaming world inside out, with Xace being one of the fastest growing Challenger Banks friendly to the Gaming sector.

Expert Team Knowledge

Xace was set up to support the underserved online gaming sector. Traditional banks tend to shy away from online gaming. Here at Xace, we believe a licenced casino, whether accepting fiat, crypto or both, can be banked.

Our gaming onboarding and compliance teams have a history in online gambling. We understand the markets, the customers, the risks and opportunities. 

Instant Settlement

We understand you want to receive your player deposits quickly. Xace quickly, safely and securely move money between a range of gaming accounts.

Xace accounts are connected to both the UK Faster Payment and SEPA payment schemes. Almost all established brokers, exchanges and payment gateways can settle payments on these payment schemes. 

Xace not only accepts funds from payment processors and gateways, in a lot of cases - we bank the providers too. 

Trusted by the Gaming Sector

Xace are trusted by Casinos, Sportsbook, Betting Sites, Payments Processors and Gateways, Players, Advisors, Brokers and other Gaming related businesses across the world. 

This is driven by our extensive market experience, clients and knowledge - ensuring banking for gaming is as simple as it should be.

Xace and Crypto Gaming

Xace customers currently receive funds from these main sources;

Crypto Brokers

Reputable brokers who sell the crypto after the customer has deposited it, usually collected by inhouse casino wallets or crypto gateway. 

Crypto Exchanges

Major exchanges who operate around the world, where the customer sells their crypto at a variety of rates such as spot or limit.

Crypto Payment Processors

Crypto payment processors who collect the customers deposits, liquidate the proceeds and send the fiat via the bank.

Trusted Whitelist Providers

Xace whitelisted providers are considered ‘safe’. Payments from these providers are therefore able to be cleared into your account without unnecessary delays and blocks.

Many have concerns over receiving payments from crypto-related companies. Concerns relating to blocked or delayed payments – Xace work with providers to remove this concern.

Find out more about our whitelist of crypto brokers and exchanges by talking to our onboarding team.

Xace and Fiat Gaming

Just like crypto gaming, we are plugged into the fiat gambling world;

Payment Gateways / Payment Processors

Xace are linked to multiple payment gateways and payment processors. We are a trusted partner of many of the well known payment platforms, accept gambling related funds.

A legal point

Please note, all Xace applications are required to undertake a full AML and KYC onboarding process, where our experienced team will review your site and polices. Having a gaming licence does not automatically guarantee an account, however, a compliant site is one we at Xace look forward to working with.

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