Foreign Exchange (FX).

FX services for multiple business sectors, all from 1 platform, available globally.

FX for multiple business sectors

Xace is a leading FX provider to multiple business sectors, including those often overlooked by traditional banks. Our goal is simple: to provide flexible and efficient foreign exchange solutions to businesses of all sizes.

With 20+ supported currencies, Xace ensures smooth transactions worldwide without the hassles of dealing with multiple currencies. Say goodbye to delays – we offer instant settlement between accounts, empowering you to make real-time decisions in today's fast-paced global market.

If your business operates internationally, we've got you covered. Xace facilitates instant settlement between your international companies, streamlining your financial operations across borders and eliminating complexities.

At Xace, we understand that your FX needs may vary, which is why we offer deep liquidity. There are no limits on the size of your FX trades no limit on the size of the payments you can make internally, or to 200+ countries via cross border payments.

Xace FX allows us to easily convert our local currencies and remit to our gaming suppliers around the world, including LATAM and other emerging markets.
Gambling Industry FX

We offer a tailored solution to meet the foreign exchange (FX) needs of iGaming firms. With a deep understanding of the iGaming industry's unique requirements, our team at Xace streamlines FX processes, ensuring seamless and cost-effective currency conversions.

Our comprehensive platform empowers iGaming firms to access competitive exchange rates, reducing currency risks and optimizing financial operations.

Additionally, our compliance expertise ensures adherence to regulatory requirements, promoting a secure and transparent environment for iGaming companies to thrive in the global market.

FX from Xace

Hassle free currency conversion
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  • 20+ currenices
  • All business sectors
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  • No transaction size limits
  • Instant settlement
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Many land based gambling companies are powered by Xace

Xace Payment accounts are available in multiple countries (UK and EU) and can be provided in both GBP and EUR

Accept payment for your UK licenced online site, quickly and simply.


C2B operators can streamline their card processing, with many card options.


Multiple options for companies based in Gibraltar.

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man has many online gaming companies, our partners can help.

Sweden, Denmark, Norway

We can provide many options for gambling sites based in Scandinavia.


There are many other countries and licences we can support with.

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