Xace ID

A new standard in high risk industry compliance, an ID to enable instant verification and account approval with 3rd parties in banking, payment processors, FX & brokerage.

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Business & personal identification

Your Xace ID securely stores all your required compliance documentation in our encrypted vault, requiring just your ID and multi-factor authentication to prove your compliance to 3rd parties.

Every Xace account holder will have a Xace ID. Upgrade to Xace ID Pro for benefits including licencing and additional features.



1 Fully compliant ID

Get immediate approval for products and services as a high risk merchant or individual who uses high risk products, without the compliance delays of old with a Xace ID.
Business Compliance
Payment Gateways
Personal KYC & AML
+ many More
For more information on the unique potential of the Xace ID, your can explore our FAQs.

How it works

Reducing very complex applications for products and services into 1 single ID with instant approvals from many 3rd party providers.

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Simple Management

Manage your documents online and receive approval push notifications direct to your mobile phone or browser from 3rd parties.
Manage documents
Receive push notifications
Approve or reject checks
Update out of date documents
Submit new docs to remain compliant
Blockchain tracked updates

Documents & KYC across entire organisations

  • Renew documents when they go out of date to ensure compliance.

  • Highly secure and encrypted documents in the Xace vaults, provided directly to 3rd parties when you request.

  • 1 Unique ID and multi-factor authentication to handle the entire corporation from KYC to proof or ownership.

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Industry Sectors

The Xace ID offers an innovative solution to improve, simplify and speed up onboarding for products as high risk businesses or individuals.

Our compliance specialists and technology are in place to accommodate across many sectors that are considered high risk, including new markets that are yet to be fully understood by the high street providers.

Talk to us for more details if you're unsure how a Xace ID will benefit your specific compliance needs.

Question on our sectors?

Gaming - Casinos & online betting

Xace has been developed by gaming industry specialists, with the Xace ID developed alongside Xace accounts and financial products to simplify processes for our account holders. If you run a casino or online betting website, the Xace ID will provide a end to end compliance solution for your business.

Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain

Crypto provides a significant compliance risk to many providers within banking and payment processing, increasing the complexity and time involved in applications for many businesses and individuals. A Xace ID enables immediate application submissions and immediate decisions with many 3rd party providers.

Esports & new markets

Esports is still so new that many of the products and services needed to support the growth of the industry are yet to understand how to classify the businesses or finances involved. Your Xace ID will enable your Esports business to secure the products you need by proving compliance, approved by Xace.